Thursday, March 19, 2020

Day 13 - Flying to Athens

Today is our first day of 2 travel days.  We are taking a 1 hour bus ride to the airport in Chania, then a 1 hour flight to Athens.  We overnight in Athens, then home tomorrow.

can not sit down inside the bus station

Pictures of the suitcase in case they get lost by the airlines.  We have 4 flights to get home, so many chances but I don't think the baggage handlers are  very busy.

A very nice bus to the airport.  only 6 customers.  When we boarded they asked us to spread out.  Our biggest concern is our hotel tonight, airports and planes, will be glad to get home

Good news, our plane is here to take us to Athens. A big 55 minutes flight.  When we landed here on arrival they made us take a bus to get to the terminal, glad they pulled in a little closer and are letting us walk to the plane

Loved the safety demonstration

At the Chania airport

Leaving Chania

Half way

Near the mainland. Looks like the island is only being used as a wind farm.

Mainland Greece

We found a small maybe 2* place for the night that included shuttle from the airport both ways for 77 CDN.  The onsite restaurant is closed due to the virus but the can do room service.  We ordered Lunch and Supper and 1 liter of wine. for 55 Euros AKA about 85-90 Canadian.

Meal choices for the day were Chicken & potatoes or spaghetti. Chicken for lunch, Spaghetti for supper it will be.  The meals included a Greek salad with each meal.  The lunch time salad had no feta cheese but had olives.  Supper No olives but cheese.  The potatoes at lunch were fantastic. I am sure not low calories but when they are that good who cares.  Olive oil and lemon I am guessing.

Our delicious potatoes cook. Thanks

Our room for the night.

Wendy's office for the day.  Dress Code???

Our delicious lunch.

Our supper

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