Monday, November 11, 2019

Day 2 Shete Boka National Park

Up fairly early this morning and start with a short walk into town to explore a little.  It is a very small town, about a 10 minute walk away, but it is hot, going to be a great day to get into the water.  Andre is busy taking lots of pictures  with his new camera that he picked up right before our trip, I think this is the first new camera he has purchased, but he wanted this new lighter camera.  His camera bag is still way to heavy for me.

View from our balcony in day time

The rentals are set up like duplexes, 2 rentals in each one.  Much prettier on the other side!

Right outside the complex - we will visit this restaurant later this week

Little fishing town just down the road from us

Another restaurant around the corner from our rental

Pretty church in town, open at 7AM, but not today at 7AM, will need to return

Dock where fisherman come in, and where the turtles hang out 

After our walk to Westpunt, it was time for our first snorkel of our trip.  We are all very excited when Joey spots our first turtle of the trip, it is not very big, but still at turtle is always exciting!

Instead of posting lots of snorkeling pictures, I have created pages with the daily snorkel pictures. I will post one or 2 photos and if you want to see more just visit the pages. The daily snorkeling pages will have all the snorkel pictures for that day but will be listed after each individual snorkel posting.

A short break to enjoy the grounds and see a few Iguanas in the process
Tons of iguanas hanging around the wall at our rental, wonder how many pictures we will have by the end of the week!

Playa Grandi

After snorkeling we decided to go exploring a little.  About a 15 minute drive away is the national park Shete Boka.  You drive a short way to different short walks, lookouts, very pretty.  It is very very hot, but very pretty and glad we spent some time here. We had packed a picnic lunch, really no shade except for at the entrance where there is a little canteen that may sometimes be open, but not today.  We took advantage of their picnic tables. 

Andre putting his new camera to work

Drive back home and goats on the road, goat jam.

Back at the condo, we walk to Playa Grandi to swim with the turtles.

Tonight for supper is a walk not far from us at Blue View Terrace.  Gorgeous view, and fun hearing the water.  We are sat at a table in the back and had the entire section to ourselves.  Discovered very yummy mango smoothies, that you can choose to add liquor to, rum was very yummy

Views from our table at the restaurant

Andre had octopus

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