Friday, April 19, 2019


This morning Andre and I go move the car to the .10/hour parking spot that is only about 2 blocks away from our apartment.  Parking is free overnight, but you have to pay again starting at 8AM.  It was good to move the car anyway early as we knew the city is going to be busy last when the processions start.

Garbage day, too lazy to walk it downstairs, then just hang it over your balcony

Balloon vendors getting ready, this is at 730AM!

Breakfast of champions
Back to the apartment to get Ron and Nancy and we are on our way to explore for the morning.  They have a nice big park here, which also has some cages with birds, and a bunny, that I am not sure if it is just here for Easter.

We walked to the Purgatory Church is where the procession is going to start from this afternoon, all of the "floats" are ready to go, there will be 20 of them in total

Keeping the flowers beautiful

Some of the streets that the procession would be going along had flags

The old part of this city gets narrower and narrower as you go along, until finally you end up on a narrow strip of land at the water and the port.  We went to the end and found the fish mongers selling

You can't reach this by land, you must need to go by boat?

We picked up some vegetables to add to a tomato sauce we bought earlier to make a pasta for lunch or supper, not sure which at this point.

Gelato, see how ready they are to put the gelato inside a brioche? 

Finally got my almond granita here, very yummy

Decided to have the pasta for lunch instead of going out, so a quick pasta and sauce is made, a nice change from eating out all the time.

Went downtown to watch Procession, the pictures will be in the next blog post, this is getting too long.

Any cars on the procession route were being towed.  Great day to have a tow truck company, we saw 4 trucks on one street, and this went on all day.  No parking signs were clearly marked.
So after our pasta for lunch, most of us had pasta for supper as well.  We had seen a place we wanted to try earlier in the day, but when we got there it was so busy we could not get in.  We ventured one block off the main street and ended up at this inexpensive place with a fantastic waiter, plus they had spritz which is always good for me.

Andres first course sardine spaghetti

Calamarata pasta, topped with salty ricotta, it was really salty and really good

Andres second course

The big table beside us had a cake, they sent us over a piece to try

Dasalvatore is the name of the man that owns the restaurant, he had a heart attack and his son came home for the weekend to visit, of course Dad wanted to know if he opened the restaurant, of course he did.  My Dad would have asked the exact same thing...

Andre with pistachio and pistachio ice cream, 2 different kinds of pistachio...

Nancys favourite chair

we looked all over for this place that we had seen earlier today, now we know where it is for tomorrow for happy hour

We then went to find and watch some more of the procession.

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