Saturday, April 20, 2019

San Vito Lo Capo

Last vacation day for Wendy and Andre, how does 7 weeks go by so quickly!

Started off this morning with Andre and I walking to old town again, couldn't believe the procession was still going on, we thought it was going to be finished by 8AM, but they hadn't even reached the church yet.

Trapani cathedral

Must check the drum picture from yesterday to see if they are the same men from yesterday morning.  You can see the priests are waiting to join the procession again on the right

Stopped for a cappuccino and see that they are televising the procession

We had no big plans for today so decided to drive to the beach town of San Vito Lo Capo

Easy to move this picnic table around

Getting the beach ready, I'm sure this town must be crazy in the summer

Walking out to the lighthouse

At first we thought this was orange in the middle, look closer, yuck!

Cemetery was locked up, no visit for Andre this trip

Never did try pomegranate juice, wish we had

Do any of us look impressed with our lunch?

Wendy and Ron getting a cannoli freshly made

so yummy!

Andre prefers gelato

On the way home from San Vito Lo Capo we made 2 stops for some nice views

Old Factory
Old Tuna Factory

People were rock climbing at this spot

This guy passed me driving, if I get a speeding ticket from this trip I will not be impressed

Went out for Spritz Happy Hour at the place we could not find yesterday afternoon.  This will be our last spritz for a while, so yummy, will not taste the same at home.

These were the tapas served with our spritz, will do this at home for sure

Weird food day today, our one drink happy hour turned into 2 drinks, that meant 2 orders of tapas so no one was very hungry.  What's for supper?  French fries for our last night in Sicily.  These are the sauces you get to choose from to put on your fries, including ketchup

Fries with curry sauce and mayo for Andre

I think we were a little older than the average age that eats here 

Amazing organ, would have loved to hear it being played

We decided to go to the purgatory church to see if the procession has all been put away, everything is in the church and it is open to go in and visit, so one last visit.

Kids were eating what they call poutine, French fries and sauce in a bun. 

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  1. We saw some girls eating what looked like a pizza dough folded stuffed with 2 hotdogs and fries. Gross.


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