Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hiking Day Pembrokeshire Day 5

Started off this morning with another fantastic breakfast.  I'm loving homemade yogurt, will have to give it a try when we get home.

Off on the road at about 9AM for our first stop at St. Davids. 

Wild flowers along the road are amazing, not so amazing when your hit traffic on these tiny roads, so glad we were behind it

We knew there were some nice walks here so stopped at information to find out which they recommended most.  Started right from the information center with a loop that took us about 1 hour that was part way along the Wales Coast Path with some absolutely incredible views.  Along the coast we saw the ruins of the where St. Davids was born as well.

Views along Wales Coast path

The loop brought us back through to the town where we visited St. Davids cathedral and took a quick look at the palace ruins. 

We saw lots of these marking on the road, always signs were in Welsh first.  How can this road get any narrower?

St. Davids cathedral

Palace Ruins

St. Davids cathedral

We wanted to do some more walking so we picked up some meat pasties and along with leftovers from our box lunch yesterday we were set for a picnic. 

Our next stop again was walking along the Wales Coast Path.  We started off a beach with lots of surfers out so decided to just have our lunch here at a picnic table rather than carry it around with us.
It is really chilly here on the water, so lunch was really quick. 

The start of the walk they were excavating from a little chapel they had found 3 years ago that they date back to hundreds of years ago.  They are stopping the excavation next week, they think they have found enough to put some pieces of the puzzle together and are just going bury everything again with sand and let mother nature have her way. 

This walk was about another 2 hours or so, I passed on the hike up to the top lookout point and walked my way back around to the Coastal Path, again views that can't be beat.

Another part of Wales Coastal Path

Andre decided to climb to the highest point in the area for a view.  I took the easy way down.  Andre did not make it to the very top but instead stopped at the first lookout.

I needed a rest as I was getting too tired to drive anymore.  Found a little cove that once used to be mostly a fishing village.  Andre went to take a few pictures while I had a catnap.

Notice the sailboat has a duel keel for low tide so it doesn't tip!

Next stop is at a  burial chamber that are basically in the middle of no where.  Narrow roads to get here, no busses allowed, and only one other car up there with us.  These are dated back from 6000 years ago.  One large slab of stone is supported by 3 stone pillars.  There is some debate as to whether the stones from Stonehenge are from this area.  There are many more burial sites around this area.

Does our car insurance cover river crossings?

We decided it is now time to head to our hotel for the night as we know there are some beautiful walks that start right from the hotel.  An easy drive until we are about 1 mile from the hotel when the GPS takes us down this terrible tiny road.  We had to both tuck our mirrors in to fit by.  But the end is worth it.  Not a fancy hotel, but right on the water, couldn't get any closer.  The bartender/cook/manger/check in person gave us some tips on where to go for a walk and off we go again.  A beautiful loop once again to finish of the day.

Cannot get any smaller than this!

Town where we spent the night tonight

Another part of Wales coast path, joined up right form our hotel, gorgeous!

Had to open gates to keep the sheep in their fields

There has definitely been sheep near by!

We looped back through this farm later, what a view for a farm!

Back in town, this is the tiny street we drove earlier

At low tide there was a tunnel to get from one beach to another

Low tide

We then hiked up a short way from the other side of town

View from other side of town

We have supper at the hotel tonight, we both had different pies for supper, steak and kidney for Andre and I had chicken, leek and bacon.  The pastries were amazing, best meal so far for both of us.  Everyone here is super nice.  We noticed during supper that there were hundreds of kids on the beach.  The waitress tell us there a Welsh language school in the area and the teachers take the kids to the beach (1 mile walk) to wear them out before bedtime.  We were told that there are lots of small bats around right now, so with a little directions after supper off we go again for another 2.5 km hike around town.  Lots of little bats everywhere, way too quick and getting too dark for Andre to take pictures.
Our bedroom window....

So many kids on the beach for about 1 hour

So many little bats

As I write this I am listening to the waves crash on the beach outside, so looking forward to falling asleep and waking up to this noise, wish we were here more than one night!

Another fun day coming up tomorrow, can't wait.

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