Monday, June 21, 2021

St Andrews NB June 2021 Day 3

Started the day off with a good breakfast at the Inn as it was included in the package.

We decided to go to do the Simpson Hill this morning and work off some of the breakfast we just had. 3KM loop with a 350 Feet climb.  Love how the trail map looks like someones head.

The US is on the other side of the river

Our next stop is St Paddy's Falls. Only a short hike 1/2 km from where we parked the car

We stopped at Ossie's for friend clams for lunch.  Yumm

Our rent a car for the weekend NOT

We then did a quick stop in St George to look at these falls

Our next stop was to go see Lepreau falls

Further down the river, we stopped to look at the covered bridge

We then continued the loop on the peninsula and made a stop at Dipper Harbour.

Somewhere along the way

Another great weekend

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