Friday, November 16, 2018

NYC to Milan

We arrive in Milan about 2 hours later than anticipated due to the delay leaving NYC.  We had some beautiful views of the mountains as we get closer to our arrival 

Wendy had a great sleep on the red eye flight, so we should be good to go for a 4 hour drive from Milan to Montecatini Terme, where we will be staying for the next 5 nights. 

Since we did not check luggage we are first to the car rental place, no line up. We have opted to upgrade to an automatic car, just one less thing to have to think about when driving. Andre did not get an international drivers license for this trip, so he is not on the rental. 

After one wrong turn right out of the airport we are finally on our way. Our rental car has a GPS built in, and we have our GPS from home, so not sure how we started off so wrong, but got it sorted after driving an extra 40 km because of the distances between exits on the highways.

Made it to our hotel in decent time, a little confusing to find it on a one way street that our GPS tried to get us to go the wrong way on. Tolls were super expensive, 43.00 Euro just to get here, I imagine we will be avoiding toll roads now that we are here when we go out exploring. 

It is a smaller hotel of about 80 rooms, and we really like the feel of this smaller town. Lots of choices for restaurants and a nice smaller town to walk around. There is free parking at the hotel, but there are very few spots available and none for us. The hotel sells overnight parking passes on the street for 3.50 Euro a night, so we figure that is what we will be doing all week. We find parking a very close walk from the hotel on the street. 

Walked around town a little after check in, found a restaurant just off the main square and had some pasta and wine for supper. We feel like we have settled in already.

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