Monday, October 8, 2018


Monday – 23,000 Steps

Today we have decided to take the metro to start our day in Montmartre area with Sacre Coeur. It is all uphill to get there, so planning on walking down after exploring Sacre Coeur/Montmartre area. It is a beautiful morning, no umbrellas today.

Why did we not follow the sign to take the elevator?

We get off the metro around the corner from the funiculaire, which we only realize after we paid that it  was not too far to the top, oh well saved a few climbing steps, we had a laugh at this after walking so many steps the last couple of days. 

Funiculaire to Sacre Coeur

It is beautiful views of the city from the top, but it is so hazy I’m sure pictures won’t do it justice. Visited inside the Sacre Coeur, it is not busy this early in the morning.

Sacre Coeur

After this we walked around the Montmartre area, lots of cute little streets but it is getting busier by the minute. It is not really how I dream of Paris, so many tourists, but we are 4 of them as well after all.

Lots of artists doing pencil portraits of people, lots of little cute restaurants, as well we see the only vineyard in Paris.

Only vineyard in Paris

Traditional Cabaret

Lots of artists in this area

We then went back to outside the Sacre Coeur and walked down the steps through the gardens, this is where you get some of the most beautiful views. Lots of souvenir hawkers here now, bought a few key chains. We passed on climbing the dome, it is just too hazy, there will be more towers to climb this week I am sure.

Picking up a few souvenirs

We end up having excellent pizza on a cute little street we found. Warm enough to eat outside without any heat lamps today, we were actually looking for shade the sun is so hot. 

Stopped at Place Des Abbesses, which is supposed to be one of the most picturesque squares, still not sure if we were in the right place, we have definitely seen much nicer squares here. We think it is unique because it sits between a religious quarter and red light district of this area.

Walked on to see Moulin Rouge, took some picture, walked over to the ticket booth, wow, we will pass on tickets. 

Area around Moulin Rouge

From here we grabbed the Metro to the Arc de Triomphe. We weren’t able to get advance tickets for the Eiffel Tower so have decided to climb the Arc de Triomphe instead, plus from the Arc de Triomphe you get a nice view of the Eiffel Tower, which you don’t get if you climb the Eiffel Tower since you are on it! 

Our first view of Arc de Triomphe

Champs Elysees

Crazy roundabout around the Arc

The line up was only about 15 minutes long to climb, and it is not a very hard climb. Actually as soon as you pay you are pretty much climbing, so it happens pretty fast, no time to prepare! 

Really nice views all around the top, it is not nearly as hazy at this time of day as it was earlier today, a great day for the climb.

Looking down Champs Elysees

Sacre Coeur - where we started our day today

Time to go back down, a different set of stairs so we don't have to let others pass

Base of Arc de  Triomphe

Next we walk down the Champ Elysees, lots of window shopping. Actually it makes me a little ill to see what some pay for watches, purses, shoes etc. We definitely did not buy anything here, actually we may have stopped for ice cream, I lie.

We walked as far as Grand Palais and Petit Palais, then over to the Pont Alexandre III bridge to watch the sunset, a beautiful setting with the Eiffel Tower in the background. 

Petit Palais

Petit Palais

Pont Alexandre III - Most ornate bridge in Paris

Lots of wedding photography all week

Grand Palais  sunset

Since we were so close to the Eiffel Tower we walked there too, hoping that the twinkling starts at 8PM. Lots of viewing spots are now roped off, not sure if they are hoping for the grass to grow, we walked to the back where there weren’t so many people watching, just waited a few minutes and then the twinkling started.

Not sure if we could have waited until 9PM, we were exhausted,  so glad we made it tonight. Another thing checked off on the list that we hoped to do.

Took the metro back home. We were looking for an alley near our place that is full of Indian restaurants but can’t find it, decide it must be closed on Mondays so go to a little Indian spot, that is OK but not great, everything seems to be premade and they heat it in a microwave, most people are coming in for take out. A quick supper then back to the apartment for some prosecco, another great day.

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