Monday, November 4, 2013

Ngorongoro Crater

Hardly slept last night, too excited about today. This is a day we have been dreaming about for a long time as Andre bought us a book on the Ngorongoro Crater many months ago and we've looked at the pictures many times.

I chose the lodge where we are staying specifically because of the easy access road to the crater. We were off slightly before 6 and we think we were the first ones to descend. Being there so early we had great opportunities to move quickly along without anyone around us. 

Ranger Gate at Ngorongoro Crater near Sopa Lodge

6AM descent, absolutely beautiful colours and spectacular views

It was cold at 6AM, glad we'd tucked dollar store gloves in our pockets, they were used today!
In the first couple of hours we only saw 2 other cars. Here comes the first other vehicle of the day, so dusty you can see them coming from far away.

 The hi-lite of our day had to be seeing black rhino. There were 2 of them, they were extremely far away, but at least we got to see some, I guess many are not as lucky as we were. 
2 Black Rhino - Lucky Us!

We also had the most spectacular view of 3 female and a male lion. They were very lively, later in the day they are mostly sleeping the ones we have seen. The female lions were making lots of advances towards the male, but he wanted nothing to do with them, what's up with that? Some great pictures I am sure. 

Lots of flirting on her part, but he played hard to get

No other males dare come near all these women, this is my territory

The lighting is fabulous this morning, and no fog in the crater so it is absolutely beautiful, I am sure pictures will not do it justice, it is just so big. 

Cape Buffalo

We also saw two ostriches mating, he was more interested than the lion I guess.  

We saw almost every possible animal during our time here, if you only have a very short time and want to have a chance to see nearly everything this would be the park to go to!

Black-Backed Jackal

Auger Buzzard


Speke's Weaver

Cormorant, Egret, and Blacksmith Plover

Yellow Wagtail

Bat-Eared Fox

Side Striped Jackal

Zitting Cisticola

Grey-Crowned Crane

We also came across another 2 lions.
Who is the king of these 3? Lion, jackal or hyena?

Play time

We had our box breakfast at the picnic area near where there are some hippos in a pond, a great viewing spot. 

Breakfast stop

 This is also where you can tell who has paid a bit more for their safaris I am sure than we have, when a table comes out of the back of the jeep, a table cloth, folding chairs are set up, yep not us. Here we just ate standing up with our box breakfast on our seats. Also a chance for a proper bathroom break, always welcome, though Andre tells me no toilet seats in the mens, just a hole, and of course he needed to use it, I know too much information, but he wanted this included. It was a fantastic morning in the crater, I think we saw all animals that are possible to see and then time to head off to the Serengeti.

One last view of the crater as we are leaving.

After the crater we stopped at the lookout again, even clearer than yesterday!

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