Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rainy Monday

Not much to report from Portugal. Some rain in the forecast for today so no big adventures. Worked to complete yesterday’s trip report. Once that was done, I did some research for next week. So many places to go and things to see. I think we have decided that we will be using tolls for some of the drives as taking the non tolls roads had almost double the driving time. Also started looking for hotels but that depends on when and where we will be.

2 weeks ago they were working on the apartment next to us. They had removed all the floor tiles and we had not heard them back, Well yesterday, they were here working hard. They are doing a 100% renovations. The ceilings here are stained pine. They have now stripped those as well. They has saws and drills going and an occasional hammer for good measure. Poor Wendy. I can escape the noise but she can not. I had 1 errand to do and that was to go get 1 document printed for Wendy for work, luck for her the noise was all done before she had to do here demo. There a camera shop close to us with computers set up for internet use. Only cost 1 euro to log to our email and do the printing.

Started off for our lunch time walk and it started raining so we did a u-turn as we were about half way down the hill and came back home. Wendy made us each a large salad. I decided to find a few geocache locations that we could go try to find after Wendy is done work. Not too many in town. 3 to be exact so we might have a chance of finding one.

After A very busy day, Wendy and I headed out to go search for geocaches. All 3 of them are along the beach side walk. Our plans was to look for geocaches and walk around town and then go out for cataplana which is a Portuguese traditional meal. We were lucky and we, Wendy, found the first geocache in a short time. We headed for the second location and for this we have to walk thru old town to get there.
When we first got here in Albufeira, Wendy had seen a pair of earrings that were made with cork. Last week when she was in London having fun, I searched all over town for the store. Could not find it. We search all over town again and we about to give up when Wendy saw a beach store. They were there.
Guess what! Neither one of us has a wallet. The store is open until 7 and it is now around 5:30. We head back to the house to get some moula. By the time we get to the house again ,it started to rain again. We decided to wait it out. Well the rain did not let up. 

Wendy on teh hunt for the geocache

What is our geocache name again?

How could I not get my picture taken

What we went to yesterday

By 7:30 Wendy make spaghetti as it looked like we were not going out tonight again. We decided to splurge and drink the bottle was 7.5 euros but on sale for half of that. Both were delicious.
We watched the movie Marilyn again. This may come to a surprise to some of you but Wendy had fallen asleep last time we watched it. Tonight we manage to see the end.

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