Saturday, November 14, 2009

Galapagos Trip - Quito Day 1 Arrival

4 airports and 1 taxi ride and we are in Quito, Equador. 

From arrival at the airport to check in was less than one hour with getting through customs. 

We are staying in a small boutique hotel with 11 rooms, our room is beautiful. I expected something like Europe, a tiny room. We have a separate bedroom and living room. The living room has a bouquet of 2 dozen fresh roses, the room smells fantastic. 

Roses greet us in our room!

Our bed is covered in rose petals as well as they are spread all over the bathroom. It is an old farmhouse that has been converted into this small hotel, very charming. 

The lobby had about another 10 dozen roses spread around, I guess roses are much cheaper here than in Canada!! 

We just came back from a quick cup of tea before bed in the lobby section. We are trying their local Cocoa tea which is supposed to help with altitude sickness. Quito is around 10,000 feet above sea level and we have been warned to be careful not to over exert ourselves for a couple of days, since we are only here for a couple of days I am not sure how to not do too much, so we’ll drink lots of tea, chew the leaves if necessary, and take our chances. 

Time to head off to bed, can’t wait for tomorrow to do some exploring and see what the city looks like in the day light. We saw the sunrise flying over North America this morning, and the sun set flying over South America tonight, the world is certainly a small place now. 

Adding to this why do they have a heater on in the room for us? We are Canadian and they have a big electric heater plugged in and running in the bedroom, it didn’t take us long to turn this off and take a layer of blankets off the bed. I went to bed first, Andre followed shortly after, got in bed and hopped out faster than I have ever seen him move. He says there is a cat under the covers, he throws back the covers and it is a hot water bottle. We had one on both sides of the bed but my legs aren’t long enough to hit the hot water bottle so I didn’t get the same scare he did. It was so funny, I have never even seen one of those things, now I know what they look like. I hate electric blankets and I didn’t think much of the hot water bottle heater either, won’t be investing in one of those.

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